Trust Your Voice

March 6, 2010

Fields of My Dreams

Fields of My Dreams

I was doing a little pre-spring cleaning today, getting rid of the old, making room for the new. In the process I found so many forgotten treasures. I discovered to my absolute delight that songs I had created 10 years ago on my old PC (tucked under my desk) are able to be played (and edited) on my MacBook Pro through the magic of Midi conversion. It just couldn’t have come at a better time, since I and my co-writer have been trying to breathe new life into these songs with the help of an interested producer. So, that started the day off right.

And then… just like a movie, I found some old diary entries on the floor. I was shuffling notebooks and things around and they just fell out. I picked them up and this is what I saw circled:

“Trust your voice–it’s the only voice you have.”

This simple reminder to myself, written almost 8 years ago, shook me to the core. It is so easy in this world to be dismissed, laughed at and drowned out by all the squeaky wheels, the screamers, the shouters… the list goes on. And yet, I have slowly but surely realizing, in my bones, that my voice counts. My voice deserves to be heard — and, for any of you who have felt yourself pushed to the back of the room because you weren’t sure whether your voice had any value, let me say right here and now that it has so much value that if you do not use it you are making a big mistake.

I am reminded (since I’m old enough) of the wonderful moment in Wizard of Oz of the following dialogue:

Oz: I am Oz — the Great and Powerful. Who are you? Who are you?!

Dorothy: If you please, I am Dorothy — the small and meek. We’ve come to ask —

Oz: Silence!

Well, she may have started off  “small and meek,” but when she realized she had been treated unfairly, despite completing all the tasks she was asked to — she spoke up. She let her voice be heard. She made a difference. She humbled that old “wizard,” and she became a more powerful person by trusting her voice.

I’m going to make this my mantra and I’m going to stop pushing my talents to the wayside. It’s time to start trusting my voice  and making myself heard.


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