First things first

May 5, 2010

Flowing Ribbons

Flowing Ribbons

I posted this specific picture, snapped at the incredible Britex Fabrics shop on a recent trip to San Francisco, because this is what I think my mind looks like: bright, shiny, colorful, with endless ribbons of creative ideas. I have been unable to manage all those ideas well, which is why I often skip from project to project, although for the most part, I do come back and finish each project.

But on my recent trip to the states (now that I live in Tokyo, visiting the states is like going to a foreign country), one of my oldest and dearest friends criticized me, harshly, for “never finishing anything.” I thought her criticism was a bit misplaced as I have finished many things… but her complaint was: “That’s all you do with them… you finish them. Then what?”

I could not entirely disagree with this, as unpleasant as it sounded. I love the creative process and I love creating things. But after I finish them, I feel they are done. But unfortunately, they are not… not if I want to make a living off of them… and I do.

And so, without delving into years of backstory, I will just say that my friend’s overall critique definitely pulled back yet another layer of the veils I have protectively swathed myself in for years and this blog will detail my journey to get my specific projects “off the ground.”

So, this blog was created to encourage anyone who wants to write to do just that… and while I am encourage you (and myself), I will also be pushing myself to take my projects to the next level. “Talking” and “doing” are two different things. And I am continuing to learn that while “the pen might be mightier than the sword,” “action” still speaks louder than “words.”

This leads me to the title of today’s blog: First things first. That translates as: Focus on what’s important and stop wasting time on what isn’t.

I pray this is the start of the journey I have promised myself I would go on many years ago. More soon.


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