July 29, 2010

Japanese beach

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. But since I do not have armies of followers, I don’t think anyone has been biting their fingernails in nervous anticipation of what I have to say.

But maybe there will be one day.

I just want to say that since my last posting I produced two short films, one which I directed, both which I wrote. I also hosted a successful filmmaking workshop and managed to finally finish my feature script which I have struggled with for two years.

None of the above makes me rich or famous. From the above nothing may happen. But the most important point is: I did all these things. I did not think I could do them, and I did them.

I am sharing these things with you, because I have seen over and over again that if you believe you can do something (or if someone else believes you can, and encourages you), you can.

I have spent my whole life denying and running away from my “gifts.” I sensed that when I was young I had talent. But if you have talent, you have a responsibility to it. You have to nurture it. In the world in which I lived, it was easier to become a non-entity. If I faded into the background, there was no possibility of being onstage, front and center, no possibility of being judged, criticized, condemned… nor the possibility of being praised.

I was afraid of the path my talent might take me down. I was overwhelmed and did nothing… for the longest time.

But I’m tired of living in fear. I’m too old to live in fear. So, I’ve taken steps… and those steps have been so hard to take, but I took them.

I think the point I want to make is: Face the fear and do it anyway. I did; and I’m so glad.