June 11, 2011

Getting ready to shoot "Desiree."

This blog is really only for me as I’m sure that millions of people have not been waiting with baited breath for my next entry… which is good, because they’d be dead by now.

I just want to say that a YEAR ago I embarked on an adventure: making two short films. The stars aligned in the universe and they had to be made back to back in order to utilize all the talent available to me. Although I had made two other short films, I was working with LOTS of unknowns. Let’s just say that now, one year later, I believe I have FINISHED products. It has all come out of my pocket, both projects were my idea and inspiration… and I have a small feeling of accomplishment now that I’m on this side of them.

Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to have a sponsor or production company invest in me. For now, it’s me against the world. But at least I can say I finished them and I hope I can get them into as many festivals as I can.

Now, back to work on my feature script.