Facing the Page

February 16, 2010

Although I love to write, I, like most writers, dread “facing the page.” Once you decide you want to write, you have an enormous responsibility to make sure that you actually do write. You are suddenly responsible for other lives, other stories, other worlds. Your characters flourish or flounder at the tip of your pen (or via the clickety-clack of your keyboard). Who needs such responsibility in a world where we are overloaded and overwhelmed? I sure the hell don’t!

And yet… once I am willing to “give in” to my “higher powers” and “surrender” myself to all the voices in my head (and yes, I hear them!), then I find my writing starts to flow. So, if you’re like me, clear your workspace, set the mood, get your “music to write movies by” playing, and… submerge yourself in your gifts.

More importantly: Don’t judge, don’t backtrack, don’t edit, don’t criticize. Just keep moving the pen (or the fingers). Get the ideas down. Easier said than done, I know.

Today I have a short script I’ve been working on, as well as my feature that I have not finished, but have vowed to finish by the end of February. ┬áSo… I take a glance at my looking-glass today… I see the rain, the threat of snow, the silver-blues and grays… I embrace them and let them help guide me to the words my heart needs to say. There’s so much I need to say… must get started.


Surviving February

February 15, 2010

I come from sunny Los Angeles, but have been living in Tokyo for the last 16 years. And every year, about this time, I am struck by the chilling reality that while global warming might kill us in the end, there’s the strong possibility that some of us might freeze to death first.

And yet… I love February in Tokyo: grey skies, icy rain, millions of people rushing about in sweaters and scarves, braving the winds, sidestepping the puddles, hiding from flurries of snow…

And I love… anchoring myself to the table in my living room because every other room in my manshon (Western apartment) is simply too cold to walk into. And so it is from this table that I write my message to the world, and the looking-glass I see today is a dark, dreary, overcast one. But… there is much beauty in the greys, the silvers and the clouds that swirl and swoop and threaten…

Let them, I say. Perfect weather for writing a drama… which is what I’ve been doing. My first dramatic screenplay. What a struggle! The laughs have always come to me easily, but a drama… well, indeed, that’s a horse of a different color. But I soldier on, because I’ve made a promise to myself to finish my drama before the end of this month. I’m going to embrace my February, it’s depressing gloom, its short, snowy days. I’m going to make it work for me.

This is my first entry and I will endeavor to use this blog to share with you what I see through my looking-glass, a displaced Los Angeleno in his now adopted home of Tokyo, a songwriter turned screenwriter with a dream of seeing my screenplays on the silver screen… or even on the computer screen.

This is my creative adventure, my chance to share a few observations about all that is odd, strange, wonderful, beautiful, haunting, enchanting… all that I see through my looking-glass.